All Natural Hydration set

All Natural Hydration set

Dry skin:how to take care?

Itching, roughness, tightness, peeling, cracking, redness…Are these symptoms familiar to you? You might have naturally dry skin or it can develop from time to time. Dry skin is very common and can occur in people of all ages. But if the dryness is so severe you should see the dermatologist as it may indicate a health issue. 

Many different things can cause dry skin. In most cases, experiencing dry skin isn't a big concern, but it usually happens when your skin doesn’t have enough water. To keep your skin soft, supple and stretchy we need to give moisture and oil it needs. But in the first place we should know what’s causing the dryness. These are the most common and surprising facts that you may have dry skin:

  1. When your skincare products are filled with fragrance 
  2. A harsh bar soaps can sap moisture from skin
  3. Acne medications and retinol cause dryness
  4. Dry air or heat can increase symptoms of dry skin
  5. Too much washing also leads to dryness
  6. Hot showers or baths can dry out the moisture in your skin
  7. Genetics can affect a risk for dry skin. 

But simple lifestyle changes can help you prevent and relieve dry skin:

  • Using warm water to bath or shower
  • Using gentle products 
  • Applying enough cleanser 
  • Avoiding itching the dry skin 
  • Moisturizing daily 
  • Wearing lip balm, hand cream
  • Never forgetting the sun protection.

Oyu Cosmetic’s latest skincare set can help you prevent and relieve dry skin using all natural ingredients.

Unscented Ultimate cleansing oil

Oil-based cleansers are milder than alcohol-based skincare products-they can’t cause skin dryness. Oil cleansers have the ability to remove even the most long-lasting make-up. Even the essential oils that have been used on most oil cleansers are natural and they won’t clog on skin pores or cause excessive oiliness. They don’t even contain soap, it means it won’t strip off the natural lipid barrier of the skin or cause dryness.

Moisturizing lip balm

All natural lip balm helps lip keep hydrated, heals chapped skin and protects against dry harsh environments. Almond Seed Oil, Emollient – Conditions lips and keeps them soft and supple, Beeswax, Occlusive – Acts as a layer to seal in moisture and keep lips hydrated for long periods, Goji Seed Oil, Antioxidant – Neutralizes free radical damage and treats oxidative stress, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) – Rebuilds collagen and regenerates the epidermis layer, rendering lips smooth and bouncy.

Sheep tail’s fat lotion stick

Our sheep tail’s fat lotion stick treats severe dryness, greasy feel after applying it and has biodegradable packaging. Sheep tail’s fat is a rich source of many vitamins and minerals, including: CLA, vitamin B12, zinc, iron.